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Mon Aug 16 19:07:08 EDT 2004

Wow Christine that was an amazing story! In addition, you wrote it so well that it made Randy and I yell in disgust and rage at HOMELAND SECURITY, GW and ALL AIRLINES this morning. Disgust and rage are always a good way to start Monday mornings. :-}

I find myself wondering why Folk musicians do what you do to put up with all these hassles. Randy and I are newbies trying to branch out in the Folk world and are bottom feeders at this pointwilling to pay our dues, but what kinda dues are we talking about here? When we went to San Diego, we were so nervous about flying with Randys Guild, that I decided to buy him an Anvil case for Christmas. After reading your post, I am glad I did. We flew Southwest airlines and they were wonderful. I highly recommend the Anvil case. It is indestructible, locks, has rollers, is a beautiful eye popping blue with Randys web site emblazoned on it- www.randyfulk.com - he loves it! But the trip to SD was not without its perils- Randy was booked in Kari Estrins showcase room that burned and he didnt get to showcase in that one! Cheeze! Fortunately we hosted the SERFA room and he showcased in Benjammin Presents and Claudia Naagards showcases. Nevertheless, not playing in Karis showcase was a real
 blow and the fire events shocking. http://www.puremusic.com/fall3.html

Speaking about showcasing and the new idea, "Performance Alley"-- Ive decided I LOVE IT. At least if Randy is chosen to perform he will know what to expect. And hopefully everyone will be able to showcase. But I wonder about Austins conference in 2006 thatll be the test.. Our first Folk Alliance was Boston and we saw Dar Williams at 4 AM along with our other Winston-Salem, NC co-heart, Sonny Thomas, of the Fiddle and Bow Folk Society. It was wonderful to see Dar in such an intimate surroundings singing "When I was a Boy", but I think once the kinks are worked out, this new "Performance Alley" is going to be better for everyone- venue operators, musicians and the exhausted guerilla showcase operators. THAT guerilla showcasing is just too much work! I worked my buns off in Nashville at the Medley Meadows Music and Vineyards Showcase and then the SERFA showcase in San Diego. 

My only worry about "Performance Alley" is the lack of networking the guerilla showcase affords the host group. An idea to replace this lost aspect could be to allow volunteer hosts in the "Performance Alley" room and possibly sponsors that can be recognized. This is what Kari did with our large regional SERFA showcase room. Hosts greeted people, made sure people came and went at musician change over breaks. The hosts took care of those coming into the room.

Anyhoo, thanks again for sharing Christine. Our SERFA showcase was dwarfed next to your Little Pumpkin showcase. You raise the bar high; work excessively hard, took one on the chin with the airlines, and inspired us all to fight abuse of power with your story. I for one appreciate what you do. Thanks!

Cheers! Vivian Fulk 
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