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Thu Aug 12 15:57:22 EDT 2004

It's interesting watching this thread. Folk music hasn't always been about 
partisan politics, it's just been the carrier of the people's culture, stories, 
accumulated wisdom and prejudice of the ages. in other words, everything. then 
along came the printing press. but in the last century, what we call folk 
music has stood with the unions, for civil rights, against the Viet Nam war. Jack 
Hardy lost a brother in Viet Nam and another in 9/11. when he was interviewed 
by the New York Times, he said, "I think we need to re-examine our foreign 
policy."  what i posted wasn't a discussion of music, it was a political action 
to raise money to fund a cd to help defeat the Bush administration. so if 
people object to the use of this list for that reason, they have a legitimate 
reason. meanwhile, thanks to all of you who are pre-ordering these cds. we'll 
continue working to affect the outcome of this critical election. Ah, but back to 
the music. the cd isn't all about partisan politics. there are 
anti-war/pro-humanity songs and poems, and even this historical portrait of the English king 
we rebelled against: 

"the patriots here were loyal, and defended him at first
but things soon went from good to bad, and then from bad to worse
with mounting wars and crippling debt, their indignation stirred
some folk called him mad king george, some call him george the third.

no factories and mills spewed out more dark clouds of pollution
no cities had more spies or charged more poets with sedition
he sought relief for the wealthy, the rest he never heard
some folk called him mad king george, some call him george the third."  

-from King George III, Hugh Blumenfeld. 

 -Andrew Calhoun

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